Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Heretic's Secret as a Trilogy

If you think serializations went out with Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas, The Heretic's Secret is available as a trilogy, but only through,, etc..

So what's it about?

In the style of Bernard Cornwell, The Heretic’s Secret Trilogy is a rollicking historical adventure set during the bloody 13th century wars against the Cathar Heretics of Languedoc. When the armoured knights of Pope Innocent III swept south in 1209, most thought they would be gone by summer’s end but, led by the fanatical Arnaud Aumery and the ambitious Simon de Montfort, they stayed for three fiery decades. In that time they slaughtered thousands of Cathars, burned countless towns and castles, destroyed a thriving country that rivaled France in power and culture, and created the foundations for the shape of western Europe we recognize.

Caught up in the horror are two childhood friends. Peter—an assistant to the shadowy, enigmatic priest who leads the crusade—is convinced that the war against the Cathars is God's will, a mission that will lead him to the highest ranks of power in Rome itself. John—who finds himself drawn to the strange ideas of the heretics—simply seeks the peace to learn and understand through reading the forbidden books hidden in remote castles across the land. As the armoured knights of the crusade destroy city after city and the flames of the Inquisition spread, Peter and John find themselves on opposite sides of  a search for an ancient secret that may have the power to change the world.

"…a brave book, an unsettling book, and one that is very much needed at this time."—The Globe and Mail.

"…an astonishingly nuanced and masterfully told story…"—Quill & Quire

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