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Monday, April 27, 2015

"…digging in for a captivating read."

Book 2 in the Tales of War from Doubleday (Book 1 is Wings of War)
Alec Shorecross is 14 and already working down the mines in Newfoundland for 13 cents an hour. WWI seems to offer Alec a chance to escape the underground darkness, so he signs up and heads overseas, his head filled with heroic dreams. Unfortunately, he soon finds himself risking his life with 169 Tunnelling Company, placing mines beneath the enemy trenches.
Read a Kirkus review of Dark Terror here.
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Prepare for Dark Terror by reading Wings of War.


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Questions within the Media are never answered. She stings with the reassurance that all is not right, and so she uses gossip, hopeless misdemeanors and stories of rank understanding unworthy of judgement. In this way, this royal wench, forces you to be hopelessly rooted to the past, and have no inkling of what to do for the future. Sitting stalemate with her traitorous compatriots or confused enemies, political and social adjustments become ever so slight, and so any responses are unlikely to bring about positive social changes.
The media is always the fork in the road. Either you go left or you go right, but, in the end, there is only a limited number of ways to go to solve humanity’s issues; One: Mind your own business. Two: before you claim judgement on another, take a good hard look at who you are yourself. Third: If there are major conflicts to solve, control and maintain, believe in the moment and, if you are able, capable and willing, be active and do what you can.
The media is the hugest failure of any kind due to her greedy need to corner and capture the souls of her sponsors, the global public and, in terms of knowledge and true wisdom, her own people who, to make a dollar and protect the harlot’s own personal security, will lie to the heavens until her body become sickly, turns to grey and disappears from any form of humane humility.
Vanity is the main weapon of the media. Name brands are the ammunition. Your attention is the victim. Your innocent wish to criticize others to comfort your uncertainty is also wishy-washy and you end up just spending too much time or more money, (hard earned money), that should make you happy. Instead, however you continue living into the future carrying on believing consumerism, excessive polluting from way too many cars and forcing others to work slave hours in third world poverty stricken nations will produce enough goods to keep you going until the end of time.
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Public scrutiny and Personal Insecurity

The Networks, the glossy magazines,
The newscasters with hearts of sand
The movie stars and singers with pride and artificial beauty
Put you in place like a rabbit in a cage while promising you
They know the best to everything.

Your hearts belong to you.
Your souls belong to God so
This way you will never lose the urge
To keep your mind clear without being vain
And remember that whatever day it is
Keep it that way so that you
Will still be there tomorrow.

News has just become entertainment.
Movies and television are purely fictitious and
magazine lifestyles are useless and impractical.
The only way to control the media is to consider
Her lack of integrity, and that her only goals
Are to take away your sincerity to understand that
You are okay, and no one has the moral right
To say anything otherwise.

Read between the lines.
Questions in the media are always unanswered.
Forcing you to believe whatever any speaker claims
Is foolhardy and, as well, recognize how the media is often
Subjected to you by people who have no choice but to
Protect her false crown of make believe and unaccounted for
human reason.
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