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Friday, September 12, 2014

Has anyone got a precise location on where the Franklin ship has been found? 

A map I saw suggested nw of King William Island where they were beset. I thought this was unlikely because of the Inuit testimony that suggested a largely undamaged ship in one year ice off the Adelaide Peninsula south of KWI. (Gilder said a man called Ikinnelikpatolok claimed “The next white man he saw was dead in a bunk of a big ship which was frozen near an island about five miles due west of Grant Point, on Adelaide Peninsula. They {the Inuit} had to walk about three miles on smooth ice to reach the ship…About this time he saw the tracks of white men on the mainland. When he first saw them there were four and afterward only three. This was when the spring snows were falling…When his people saw the ship so long without anyone around they used to go on board and steal pieces of wood and iron. They did not know how to get inside by the doors and cut a hole in the side of the ship, on a level with the ice, so that when the ice broke-up during the following summer the ship filled and sunk.”)
This article suggest that the ship was indeed found off Adelaide Peninsula

Other interesting thing is the mention of spring snow—that has to place the ship being abandoned there in early 1849 or later!

Of course, I must admit a bias because the Adelaide Peninsula scenario is what I've used in several books—North with Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames and Graves of Ice.


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