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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year/Book

All the best for 2014 and to celebrate, my first book of the year (Graves of Ice, Scholastic), is now available at all the usual sources. Here's a sample:
"I place the final flat stone on the low mound before me and stand up. It’s not much of a grave, but it’s all I can manage. Sickness and starvation have left me too weak to do more than scrabble out a shallow hollow in the frozen ground and scrape a few stones over the body — enough, I hope, to keep the curious foxes away…
Memories flood over me — scenes, images, incidents — but all so real that I must fight to prevent them overwhelming me. Should I struggle against the past, force myself to stay in the present and continue searching for that glimmer of hope on the horizon? Just one whaling ship and all would be changed . . .
Seductive voices and images fill my head. Am I going mad? The past, my story, is pulling me back, away from my unhappy present, back to a time when all the dead were alive, back to the beginning."


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