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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

NEW Book Promotion

An old man sits by the dying embers of a fire in London of 1669. The ghosts of the past surround him and a decades old guilt weighs him down. As a young man, Robert Bylot did it all: journeyed to the magical Spice Islands on a quest for the alchemist John Dee, communicated with angels through Crystallomancy, and searched for the fabled Northwest Passage with Henry Hudson. He has survived plague, mutiny and fire, and found happiness with an extraordinary woman, but nothing has assuage the ancient guilt that tortures him—unless the old, stained book on his lap contains the answer. The book might be his salvation, or his damnation.
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The perfect first chapter or read aloud book for any dinosaur-mad 8 to 12 year old. Short chapters are easy to digest and sketches help show what is going on in this thrilling tale of time travel.
Twelve-year-old dinosaur expert Eric, his young sister Rose and their faithful dog Sally find themselves mysteriously transported back in time 65 million years to the era of dinosaurs. Amazingly, they are befriended by an intelligent, evolved creature named Weet, with whom they become embroiled in a distinctly prehistoric adventure. Will Eric and his sister ever be able to return to their own world? Will Weet's knowledge be of any use if they run into the most fearsome predator of all time, Tyrannosaurus rex?
"John Wilson has created and entirely believable world, a true page-turner. Wilson writes in clear, complex sentences with advanced vocabulary that does not condescend to young readers; the story is so compelling that there is danger they won't continue reading. Highly Recommended." (Canadian Book Review Annual )
"The ideas and issues of the story are strong, as is the writing. An informative and exciting story for children 9 and up. Recommended." (CM Magazine )
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