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Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures in US History

Here are a few of my eBook titles that deal with American history (okay, geology is stretching the definition of history a bit, but…). I have been to many of the places where the novels are set (the cover photographs used for Flags of War and Battle Scars are of monuments at Gettysburg), the history is well researched and all comes together in exciting, thought-provoking tales.
Flags of War begins the story of two cousins, Walt and Nate, during the early years of the Civil War. Nate lives in South Carolina and Walt in Canada, but they are linked by a runaway slave, Sunday. As the war develops, they are drawn together at a place called Shiloh in Tennessee.
In the sequel, Battle Scars, the three boys go their separate ways—Nate to Gettysburg, Walt to the New York draft riots, Sunday to Fort Wagner—but they are drawn inexorably back together in Richmond's notorious Libby Prison.
"…action-filled, tightly written prose. Realistic battle scenes illustrate the senselessness of war…"- Albany Public Library, NY
Flags of War and  Battle Scars are available on or, for all other formats, on Smashwords (Flags of WarBattle Scars).

Set in the harsh desert world of Arizona and New Mexico Territories in the 1870s, Written in Blood follows young Jim Doolen as he searches for his father. As he travels through the scorched landscape, Jim crosses paths with a mystical Apache warrior, a Mexican revolutionary and a mysterious drifter. With each encounter he learns a story and takes one more step back toward a dark, violent past. Finally, in a ruined Mexican hacienda, Jim realizes that discovering his past has also opened the way to his future.
"Told in a terse, present-tense narrative, Jim's adventures will thrill all fans of traditional pulp-style oaters." (Booklist)
Written in Blood is the first book in The Desert Legends Trilogy. It is followed by Ghost Moon and Victorio's War.

Moving way, way back in time, Ghost Mountains and Vanished Oceans: North America from Birth to Middle Age, is nothing less than the story of the continent we live on. In an age of climate change and rovers on Mars, it's easy to forget that the final frontier to understanding ourselves and the planet we live on is below our feet. Based on the latest research, this lively narrative—interspersed with personal anecdotes and historical tales—leads the reader through the fascinating and dramatic story of our world and our place on it.


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