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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For UK Readers

Every so often I plan to put up a few Kindle reading recommendations for specific countries. I'm starting with the UK because that's where I started!
Of course, they're available everywhere else, too!

All right, so it's been a miserable cold and snowy winter and you can't afford a flight to the Costa del Sol. How about India? Where Soldiers Lie is set in northern India in June and July—hot enough? 
The only problem is, it's 1857 and the Mutiny has just broken out and everybody's taking refuge in an entrenchment outside Cawnpore—too hot? Don't worry, relief is on the way. What can possibly go wrong?
"A superb work of historical fiction." Amazon review.

Don't fancy the Indian mutiny? How about somewhere the weather's so bad anything this past winter seems like a piece of cake?
North with Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames recreates the diary of John Franklin's third in command on the doomed 1845 expedition. Not only will this read make you happy with anything the Met. Office can throw at you, but you'll be thrilled that you are avoiding starvation, scurvy and cannibalism.
"A richly re-imagined fable." Arctic Book Review

Not your thing? How about alchemy, explorers and mystery in 17th century London?
The Final Alchemy is the story of Robert Bylot, a real yet greatly under-appreciated historical figure. Bylot sailed with Henry Hudson in 1611, explored Hudson Bay in 1612 and was pilot on both William Baffin's voyages. 
That's about all we know about him. Maybe he learned his navigation from the alchemist, John Dee. Perhaps he sailed to the Spice Island with John Davis. Could it be that he survived to be an old man living in squalor in London and reflecting on his varied and exciting life?
"A riveting tale of exploration, ambition and betrayal." GG Award Jury

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