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A lifelong passion for history and a fascination with the past—WWI in particular—have led to over 40 historical novels and non-fiction books for kids, teens and adults.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Magnificent Seven!

 6 of the 7 in Oshawa. l to r: Ted Staunton, John Wilson, Richard Scrimger, Shane Peacock, Sigmund Brouwer and Eric Walters (missing Norah McClintock)
Awesome week of touring in southern Ontario by 6 of the 7 Series authors. In total, 96 presentations to over 6,000 kids from Kingston to Oshawa and grades 3 to 12. Four evening presentations and a launch to hundreds of kids, parents and teachers. Plus a special presentation by all 7 authors at the International Festival of Authors in Toronto. How cool is that? Wild enthusiasm everywhere. We'r
e aiming for a stadium tour with light show next! 

The 7 Series is already in its second printing and inquiries about translation and film rights are being looked at. Seven books by seven top YA authors, published on one day—something different (unique!) does work.

A beloved grandfather dies and leaves an envelope for each of his seven grandsons. Each boy is given a task or quest (same order as photograph). 
—Spencer is told to get a kiss from an ageing film star and film it, but a gun, gangsters and a road trip to a ghost  town get in the way (JUMP CUT by Ted Staunton)
—Steve must head to Spain and uncover what his grandfather was involved in there during the Spanish Civil War in 1938. He finds a forgotten diary and meets a beautiful girl (LOST CAUSE by John Wilson)
—Bunny, Spencer's brother, has to get a tattoo, but he ends up with the wrong one, which says he is part of a street gang and has killed someone (INK ME by Richard Scrimger).
—Adam goes to France where he discovers he has three near impossible tasks and must make amends for a dark episode in his grandfather's past (LAST MESSAGE by Shane Peacock).
—Webb, armed with only his guitar, must traverse the Canol Trail in the far north and confront terrible events in his grandfather's past (DEVIL'S PASS by Sigmund Brouwer).
—DJ, Steve's twin brother, is given the task of scattering the grandfather's ashes from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Simple but, as DJ finds out, by no mean easy (BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH by Eric Walters).
—Rennie, the grandson no one knew about, flies to Iceland to deliver a message from beyond the grave. Once there he finds himself in serious danger and must try and work out who he can trust (CLOSE TO THE HEEL by Norah McClintock).

Read them in any order and read them all. Find samples and buy them here.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Research trip return

A boot from the Franklin expedition, found
at the charmingly named Starvation Cove.
Back with much information and many ideas and fascinating/odd/bizarre facts to enrich the Scholastic's I Am Canada book and, undoubtedly, many others. series. Many thanks to the Access Copyright Foundation for the research grant that made it all possible.
Short visit home then Word on the Street in Vancouver on Sunday. I'm in the Author's Tent at 2:45. Come and say hello.
On Monday I'm off to Kelowna for a library tour. Who said a writer's life is dull?
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