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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two American Civil War novels

Flags of War and its sequel Battle Scars are now available as eBooks on Amazon (click on the cover or above) or, for all other formats, on Smashwords (Flags of War, Battle Scars).
The story follow two cousins, Walt and Nate, during the Civil War. Nate lives in South Carolina and Walt in Canada, but they are linked by a runaway slave, Sunday, on the Underground Railroad. As the war develops, they are drawn together, but also into adventures that they might not survive.
"…action-filled, tightly written prose. Realistic battle scenes illustrate the senselessness of war…the story offers a fresh take on the conflict - the idea of Canada as refuge for fugitive slaves and the irony of how it was nearly drawn into the war on the side of the South."- Albany Public Library, NY
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