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A lifelong passion for history and a fascination with the past—WWI in particular—have led to over 40 historical novels and non-fiction books for kids, teens and adults.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two WWII novels

Flames of the Tiger and Four Steps to Death are now available on Amazon (click on title link or cover) or on Smashwords for other formats (Flames of the Tiger and Four Steps to Death).
The former takes place in a ditch, by the flickering light of a burning Tiger tank, over one night in 1945 outside Berlin. A fleeing German soldier tells a young wounded Canadian his life story to keep him conscious and alive.
The latter follows two soldiers, one Russian and one German, as they struggle through the greatest battle in human history—Stalingard.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shot at Dawn Award

Shot at Dawn, my WWI story in Scholastic's I Am Canada series is up for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction. My sixth nomination, I'm due.

The jury says: “This book is powerful and vivid, accessible to a wide range of readers and very compelling in its presentation of a story that is so hard to imagine and yet that we know to be so sadly and terrifying true... Wilson tells the story of life in the horrific trenches of World War I and the effects of battle on a shell-shocked soldier... Allan is a convincing narrator, the pacing of the story is just right and this is a strong fictional rendering of this major event in history.”

To quote Annie Lennox, 'who am I to disagree?'